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We have a diverse membership which encompasses a full spectrum of skills, abilities and interests in LEGO.

So whether you’re looking to exhibit at LEGO shows, wanting to show off your latest creations, or talk LEGO, join us!

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Brick Alley Committee & Members

The committee is elected annually and oversees the running of the group.

  1. Richard CarterChairman. Known as Bricks McGee with a familiar yellow logo, he is a LEGO City and LEGO train addict: “I’ve loved LEGO forever; I had a bit of a dark ages in my early twenties as I didn’t have the space for anything huge, but now have a dedicated LEGO room at home, and love exhibiting my custom builds at shows throughout the UK”.
  2. Mim PorterSecretary. “As per usual a long gap between playing with LEGO as a kid and becoming a LEGO obsessed adult! Can’t exactly recall when I got back into it, but think it was towards the last few years of Harry Potter sets coming out – HP is another thing I’m hooked by. I collected the whole lot. Added to that I was given a suitcase stuffed with jumbled old LEGO from childhood, plus some of the old instructions. That was it….LEGO obsession take off time! I had been doing a ‘theme’ most winters and changing it yearly. Although the last town and railway took a year as I’d expanded the amount of LEGO I had hugely and got into making my own models to add to it, and decided to keep building until the bricks that were able to make buildings were used up!”
  3. Ian OystonTreasurer. “Huge Lego fan since age of 7. First set 375 Castle (1978) – still have this set and boxed!”
  4. Jack Horner – Events Coordinator.  “I’ve been into LEGO from a kid, thanks to Classic Space sets and LEGO Technic.  I didn’t really have a ‘dark age’ but have certainly started a period of enlightenment recently with quantities of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene in my house increasing somewhat!  Now into LEGO Digital Designer and MOCing in a big way and looking forward to showing off some of my creations at future shows.”
  5. Ken B – Founder. “I had Lego as a child many, many years ago when one could only obtain red or white bricks! Lost interest in my teens but got back into it about 5 years ago when I was bought the VW camper for Christmas.”
  6. Adam Brine. “I got into LEGO in quite an unorthodox way. As a child I only had one or two boxes or Bricks and then a bit later, two small Technic sets – 8840 Rally Shock and Roll Racer, and 8856 Whirlwind Rescue. That was about it until around 6 years ago when I realised how much LEGO was worth and started buying it to sell on at profit.
  7. Matt B. “I got my very first set for Christmas in (I think) 1980. This was the Rocket Launch Pad (920). I adored this set and my early LEGO space collection expanded rapidly with every birthday and Christmas. I still own that first set – I’m actually sat next to it as I type this!”
  8. Matt B.
  9. Dave B. “I got into LEGO playing with my sister’s small collection. I got my very own 1st set when I was 4; 6654: Motorcycle and Truck (37 pieces).”
  10. Ian B.
  11. Tim B. “As a child the LEGO sets that I had were mainly Castle and Pirates. My favourite pieces being my Kings Castle and the Camouflaged Outpost. Sadly I no longer have these pieces but hope to own again some point in the future. Now my interests are mainly Star Wars sets with some Marvel as well. I am also a collector of Mini Figures. Recently I have started trying to build MOC.”
  12. Jules B. Vintage LEGO town builder extraordinaire.
  13. Jane C. “I’m a lifelong LEGO addict!”
  14. Jenni C. Huge LEGO Star Wars fan.
  15. Tristen C. “It all started with 1980’s space and went uphill from then? I’m really keen to get into MOCs and want to start up an 80’s space collection again. I’m slowly losing my home to my growing Star Wars LEGO collection and the Disney Castle has pride of place in my front room.”
  16. Ronan D.
  17. Stephen E.
  18. Matt G. Classic LEGO space fan.
  19. Alan H.
  20. Paul H.
  21. Darren H.
  22. Matt K. A lifelong LEGO fan.
  23. Gemma M.
  24. Justin Ramsden. “Hello! I was born & raised in Darlington and for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a LEGO fan. However, it’s only since I attended the first LEGO Inside Tour (in 2004) in my teenage years, that I found out that I could actually get a job designing LEGO sets. Since all those years ago, the drive and passion to become a LEGO Designer has always stayed. I studied Design at Goldsmiths, University of London and also worked as a Model Designer & Technical Assistant for Merlin Magic Making. For over four and a half years, I was able to design, build & install LEGO models that you can find at many of the LEGOLAND parks all over the world. I now live and work in Denmark as a Designer in the LEGO Super Heroes project team, creating LEGO products to inspire the builders of tomorrow!”
  25. Nick Spence.
  26. Steve T. Technic addict.
  27. Rebecca T.
  28. Andy V. Yorkshire-based LEGO hoarder.
  29. Gail W. “I had Lego as a kid. About 3 years ago my husband bought me the book ‘Brick Cities’. I haven’t looked back since. My favourite sets which I actually possess are the Maersk Container Ship and ‘Birds’. My favourite which I don’t possess is the Taj Mahal. I love making MOCs of my favourite places. These have included the Isle of Man TT Grandstand and High Force Waterfall.”
  30. Chris W. “When I was a kid I had a bit of everything – Castle, Pirates, Space, City, Technic; now, I’m definitely more into the fantasy and sci-fi side, so Star Wars, Ninjago, Castle, as well as collecting the shorter-lived, more obscure themes like Vikings and Power Miners. My favourite sets to build are things like monsters, boats, and castles.”
  31. David Y. Winter Village builder.
  32. Sophie Y. Winter Village builder.